D800E is exceeding my expectations

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Re: D800E is exceeding my expectations

I read your post and thought "what a plonker", a D800E and only a 14-24 lens. I then scrolled down to your image!!! Congratualtions! Your photography genre is totally different to my own but I can see that you have captured a stunning shot.

Assuming you shot RAW, I personally would have been tempted to try to tweak some of the shadow detail out of the bottom of the image, I am sure it is there but this is the subjectivity of photography - it is your image and perhaps you wanted to rely on the contrast.

I have two D4s (which I need for sports) and one D800E, the latter being a last minute panic purchase having sold my D3S and D3X and realising I did not have a high resolution alternative.

I find that I love using the D800E for action sports shots but the fact is that if something happens sudenly in front of me, I might not nail the moment in the way I could be certain of doing with a D4. ISO is of course also an issue.

I am sure that in two or three year's time we shall have a D# that will deliver the high ISO, high resolution and DR of both cameras combined. Whilst I relish the prospect, I reflect that it will de-skill photography even further. Anyone with a cheque book will be able to capture great images!

In the meantime, your skill has allowed you to capture an image that I am insanely jealous of. Well done!
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