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Re: NEX isn't seling......

tedolf wrote:

psicotec wrote:

What? Check out Amazons sales ratings, they have been about the same for some time. Sonys NEX cameras is always in the top 5,

Except a uu 4/3 camera is always above it.

Yeah, but it's always a Oly low margin product that ranks above, just like the low budget Nokia phones that's selling like crazy in Africa. That does not make Nokia the market leader.

so they must be doing something right for the American audience. E-pl1 is selling for peanuts, less than a good point and shoot, that's why it is on the top. Sony is raking in far more profits from every unit,

You don't know that.

All you need is common sense to understand that my friend.

and will end up with happier customers because of the far better IQ.

Sony NEX has more 30 day returns than Oly does.

Haha, this is funny. Show me some hard numbers on that or else it's false. I want specifics for Sonys camera division, not some general number for the overall Sony products.

Oly is probably shooting themselfs in the foot with this practice of dumping yesteryears cameras on the knees of very demanding consumers.

Again, you don't know that.

You also don't understand how a customer base for lenes is built.

Well, neither do you

As for Europe, almost every online sales site show NEX beating m43 in their sales. Seems like asia likes m43 the most at the moment, but i don't think it will last for so long when Mr. Canon has entered the market.

Show me.

Show me the sales site that says that.

Google is you friend. Check the .se, .dk and .no domains.

Regardless, M43 will continue to hold it's own when it comes to lenses for a year or two, the the competition will have catched up.

At Sony's rate of lens release for the e-mount, it will take them a decade to catch up to where u 4/3 is now!

Where do you get your facts from?

My facts are pure facts. I provided links, did you? Sonys rate of lenses is as good as M43 in their first years.

tedolf wrote:

Nex isn't selling.

NEX7 is a total sales dud.

Even the E-pl1 outsells it today!


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