K30 First impressions

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Re: K30 First impressions

flektogon wrote:

gaddigad wrote:

flektogon wrote:

The improved AF in the LiveView mode is immediately negated by the mirror flop. So, the LV mode in K-30 is basically as painful (peaking or not peaking) as in my K-x.

Isn't the mirror flip (phase detect AF during LV) a menu option? (just asking)

For sure that it's not. Those cheaper shutter mechanisms (like in K-x, but unfortunately in K-30 as well) have the shutter movement connected with the mirror movement. Only the cameras, which offer the mirror lock feature, can have the shutter and mirror movements separated. So, the K-5 shutter mechanism is far superior to the rest of the Pentax DSLRs.

So the k100d(s) belong to that group and the new beast does not? Sounds kind of weird to me.
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