Dew drops on Columbine leaf....

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Re: Dew drops on Columbine leaf....

Actually, I thought this was rather 'cool', but don't come here enough to respond quickly enough to most people's need for feedback.

I do like David's crop better, but the image was captured by you, so that's where the credit belongs. Great job with the tubes by the way. They can be very difficult to handle. I am practising with 28mm and 50mm on various tubes (reversed and non-reversed) until I can afford a Nikkor 105 AF-S (will keep the tubes to try with the 105 as well).

Going back to the feedback thing, I have realised that this is unfortunately more of a parade ground than a helpful forum. Some of those who have the most talent seem to be content with demonstrating that talent than offering advice to help other to develop their skills (BTW - I am only a beginner myself).

While there are amazingly helpful people in the most of these dpreview forums, for Macro I found the Fred Miranda forums to be more helpful. You will find some of the same people on both forums, but I have found there to be more informative / helpful (to me) macro threads / advice over there.



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