USA in 6X7 medium format (VELVIA)

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Re: Hang on to your dreams!

FTH wrote:

It is, but I guess that medium and large format film will stay for about 25 more years hopefully. Keep your lenses, especially the good ones, they may become extremely useful with higher resolution FF bodies or custom digital backs if they come out.

I'm afraid the more dedicated accessories including lenses to digital systems will become more refined as to negate the point of holding onto the old stuff no matter how great it is. I'm utilizing 35 dslr for the sole purpose of ease, speed and productivity. Take away that and I will prioritize my film equipment.

I can dream as well... if digital backs became advanced and affordable enough to match my equipment's formats to which I can get to use the full image circle of my lenses. Otherwise, turning all of my wide angle's into longer lenses just doesn't cut it for me.

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