Canon 60d as first DSLR???????

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I am very satisfied with the 60D as a first digital SLR. I shot manual exposure, manual focus film SLR for years, then got busy for a few decades, now am encountering the world of digital. I have to say that at first I had a seriously hard time adjusting to autofocus, my hand just itched to do the job. I still often switch to manual focus or manual exposure. The manual exposure controls are the top ratcheted wheel and the back wheel, easy to use, the viewfinder shows the metering, shutter, and f stop info well. The 60D is an excellent macro camera for near-the-ground subjects or unusual perspective, due to the articulating screen.

I am a woman with a size 6 hand, and I found the Rebels to feel too tiny in the grip, I like the bulkier grip of the 60D. This is purely a matter of taste. You need to go to the shop and hold the candidate bodies and decide what feels best to you.

You might do very well with a used older camera, provided you have a reliable seller. How big do you expect to print or view your pictures? Those 8 megapixel cameras did a fine job on 8" x 10" enlargement (print or digital viewer).

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