MB-D12 design flaw

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Re: MB-D12 design flaw

I have the Meike, no battery motion. Proper way to insert battery, slide into place until contact is made with the contacts. Then press down of the opposite end of battery, will snap into place firmly-no shake rattle or rolliing!

For the MB-D12 or any of the grips there should me motion or slippage allowed--if you state that thew battery is sliding around how is electrical contact maintained? I would expect the camera to be turning off/on repeatedly. Secondly, there should be a firm grip between the contacts--can you easily slide the battery to&fro when it is in place or before when it is inserted but not snapped down.

It is not 'healthy' for the camera to have its power interrupted frequently, you may not notice this if you have a batt in-camera and in-grip--as soon as the grip batt 'disconnects' the in-camera batt takes over (as it should normally).

The only bug I noted with my Meike involves a NO battery power indication when the grip is mounted and I am recharging that battery and I have only a batt in-camera. Under this status the camera will not turn ON. If I remove the battery holder, the in-camera batt is seen and all is well. This behavior is not seen by my Nikon D300 grip-MB-D10, I posted this incident earlier on DPR no comments yet. Now I urge all you 'grippers' out there to please test and post-we might even learn more about our grips and the effort takes less than a minute.

For those who believe that a proper price for this OEM device sits at $200-250 I strongly disagree. The grip is a basic molded plastic box with a microchip and a connector and several common button switches. Assembly and test is not labor intensive or even challenging. Now consider several consumer lenses or point & shoots selling for $150+, OK that's long enough.

Vertax, Meike, DSTP and Nikon grips are all made in China-same playing field and materials. If the first 3 can sell their product for $50+ and make a reasonable profit why not Nikon or Canon? The Sales & Mktg depts. of major consumer producers determine quite analytically where to price a product-almost independent of actual cost but strong on assumed prestige and a 'little' greed. But $620--> 400, No way!

irv weiner

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