Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Let's see...two Sony lenses for your NEX...

The first was done with a Sony 35 mm 1.8 A mount and an EA2 adapter, but a EA1 would work just as well.

The second was done with a 24mm Minolta MD mount and a $35 Fotodiox adapter.

The last problem I've ever had with my NEX camera be it my old 5, or my new 7 has been available lens choices.

Never has one camera had so many choices for those who only wanted IQ from their cameras. That has been the revolution of mirror-less.

So whether you want APS C equivalent 35mm or FF 35 mm the choices are out there in spades for you to find and in many, many cases the cost of them is far less than a designated E mount 35mm lens.

Sorry, I have no tolerance for those who whine about current lens availability. Your complaints are only about your desires, not true availability. The countless, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Zeiss, etc...etc...lenses available for the NEX is mind boggling.

I've found my old Minolta MD 24mm 2.8 is so good and so sharp that I have no need or desire to get the Zeiss, but I'd have never known that had I not read some, tested some, and finally bought it for less than $100 bucks albeit the secret is out and you'll probably have to pay around $200 now for a good copy, but that's much less than the Zeiss and probably a lot less than any new E mount G 24 too.

When the new lenses come out this fall what are we going to whine about then? Camera color availability?

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