Quality wide angle lenses that don't cost a fortune?

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Quality wide angle lenses that don't cost a fortune?

So I normally shoot just about everything with my bag of primes (35, 50, 85, 100) but I need something at the wider end for landscapes. I shoot crop (60D).

I do have the 17-55/2.8 and that's what I have been using to do things at the wide end, but I'd honestly like to get rid of it for a couple of reasons:

1. The construction is kind of crappy. The focusing mechanism already grinded itself up mechanically, causing the back element to fall out of the lens, $260 in repairs to get it back working. I hike and cycle, so I need something better-built than have to spend a fortune on repairs again.

2. I'm well covered for 35 and 50 with my primes, and I never touch the 17-55 anyway for this range.

What are your opinions on wide lenses that:

  • Don't cost a fortune (say

  • Constructed well -- I don't want another lens physically breaking in my backpack

  • Take filters -- I need filters for landscape work, so the bug-eye 14mm Rokinon won't cut it, unfortunately

  • Sharp corner to corner

In return for low cost, I'm willing to live with

  • Not being fast -- I have my tripod for landscapes

  • Fixed -- I can live with one wide focal length in the 10-18mm range. No need of zoom

  • Full manual focus + aperture, I have time and patience

  • old lenses, Contax/Nikon/any other mounts that can be adapted to Canon

I've been eyeing the Distagon 18, which I'd trust the construction of, and crops up every now and then on eBay for cheap, but it'd be nice if I can have something a little wider than that, maybe...? The Distagon 15 unfortunately costs a fortune.

I've also been eyeing the Canon 10-22, but I'm worried that its construction quality sucks as much as the 17-55. Can anyone comment on this part?


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