Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: Don't bother getting angry...

chris blaubac wrote:

I bought into the nex system very early when there were only 3 lenses.

I don't think it was unrealistic to expect a 35mm equivalent at a reasonable size and price.

No, not unreasonable at all. A risk, nonetheless, but not unreasonable.

The problem comes in when they do release a fast near-35mm equivalent prime - then the definition of 'reasonable size and price' come into play, and those have tons of variability. What's reasonably sized to one person may not be for another, and reasonable price is based on one's ability to afford such things.

Here's where it gets tricky: I don't have any real need for this type of lens myself, however, if I did, I might actually prefer the larger form factor of the 24mm Zeiss over that of a thin pancake. While I have been enjoying the compactness of the 16mm pancake, I also think of it as precisely that: A very compact lens for fun/travel/ lightweight needs. I don't think of it as a serious 'artistry' lens - if I were fairly serious about shooting portraits with a fast 35mm-equivalent prime, I wouldn't feel as comfortable doing so with a thin wafer of a camera - I find the larger lens barrel to provide a much more secure and stable grip on the camera and lens package, which would play into portraiture and serious photography.

Again though, each person thinks differently on this. Where I clearly seperate 'compact and small for travel and fun' from 'serious photography' - in that I actually prefer a bit more beef to a camera for serious shooting, others may strongly prefer a light and small camera at all times, for their fun and casual as well as their serious shooting. It's well nigh impossible to make one camera and lens package that can satisfy both types, because any form of lens barrel is going to upset those that want it compact, and any lack of a lens barrel upsets those who prefer a more stable two-handed stance and hold.

35mm and 50mm are the classic and most widely used focal lengths.

True- and I think they're OK on the 50mm front - they've got their slowish macro 30mm and Sigma's decent 30mm F2.8. It seems likely another prime in this range will be coming from Sony, maybe something like a 35mm F1.8.

I'd be interested in comments about that Canon though - how have they managed to make it so small when it is for an APS-C sensor and offers f2?

I don't see it being hard to do at all, really. Just as Sony did with the 16mm (looking at how small the lens itself is compared to the barrel diameter, they could easily double, even triple, the end-glass size in the same pancake barrel, meaning they could easily put a faster aperture in the same lens body) or how Panny and Oly do with their M4:3's not so much about the capability to do it, it's about the desire/need/justification to do it. Sony obviously has not felt that 'pancakes' were as important to the majority of their buyers as folks here on these forums think they are. They are likely becoming more aware of that criticism, which is why it seems a pancake prime or two is on the future release slate, as well as possibly some collapsible zooms.

I can only offer my own completely personal opinion - so far, I would not be drawn to the Canon system for my needs. I prefer the NEX bodystyle and grip design, the tilting screen, the option for an EVF, the battery life, and being apparently an oddball compared to many here on the NEX forums, I actually like a bit of a lens barrel to hold onto so the kit lens size and even the 55-210mm lens are very comfortable for me to shoot with. The 16mm is good in a pinch when I need compact, but I am not as comfortable holding the camera with a tiny lens as I am when I've got a bit of lens barrel to cradle my left hand under. I also don't have any pressing need for a 35mm equivalent focal length prime for my own shooting - I can cover that focal with the kit when I need it, but generally don't use it often. I much prefer the wider spectrum of 15-28mm equiv or the much longer telephoto range from 75mm and up. Again, just for my own shooting needs.

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