Best m43 world traveller kit?

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Re: Best m43 world traveller kit?

you already have a bunch of good stuff -- no need to buy or sell anything.

big trip = take the best of what you have but at the same time, pack economically -- it saves space and weight of course but more importantly (imho) it's easier to focus on your actual experience as well as image-making (and not gear-obsessing, i.e. "oh! oh! which lens?" and constantly switching)

with that in mind, i'd bring the GH2, 14-42mm and 25mm f1.4. the zoom will be indispensable for daytime travel experiences, and your nifty fifty is super bright for iffy lighting, is full of character, has a classic all-purpose focal length. you won't regret having the GH2's extra bells, whistles, and EVF. if you're really concerned about portability, forget the gf3 and 14mm -- it's not that small -- and just get a real compact with a retractable lens. i guess you could get an S100 as you mentioned but i am thoroughly unconvinced of their quality -- lens issues and generally sterile image quality (imho). the master compact is ricoh's GRD as far as i'm concerned, but not cheap -- but you get what you pay for.

PS japan is the last place on earth you'd have to worry about theft. dunno about scandinavia or korea but i'd think the same about them too

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