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Re: Help with D800 & SB910

In Matrix metering, you are asking the camera to balance exposure of the background and the foreground subject. By limiting the ISO, it is likely that you are underexposing the background. To compensate, the flash is firing at full or near-full levels to try to light the background and therefore burning out your subject.

You have several options:

1. Use auto ISO in matrix to allow correct exposure of the background, and your flash will use fill flash to light the subject;

2. Use a slow enough shutter speed in matrix to correctly expose the background. The flash will then fill in for the subject. But note that if the background is poorly lit, the shutter speed will be slow and you risk ghosting of the subject.

3. Use center or spot exposure directly on your subject and adjust the flash compensation to yield the amount of light you prefer. But note that this will let the background go dark.

4. Use multiple flashed or lights to expose your background separately with flash, and your other flash or light to correctly expose the subject.

Suggest you read about using fill flash and matrix mode. That will help.
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