Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: Don't bother getting angry...

Agree with what was said begore, angry, or frustrated, you will make wrong desicions if you are not careful and take some time to think things clearly.

As you already said, the nex has a 35 equivalent, is the Zeiss. So you wont see in the near future another one. There are a lot of distances that need filling before sony decides to make ANOTHER 35 equivalent. So if you knew about the zeiss, you knew no lens will be available in a long time.

And about other manufacturers, I have never heard someone said that his system had all the lenses he "needed" . Always the other manufacturers where offering what he needed, and his brand was too slow. I heard it from canon guys, from nikon guys, sony, etc, all. It is the way cameras are, a compromise.

If 35mm (equivalent) is so important to you, check other systems that provide that lens. You need to define what is most important for you. If the lens is, go for another system.

Complaining for a normal rule of photography (there are more lenses that I cant use than the ones I can for my system) is not going to get you anywhere.

chris blaubac wrote:

angry was the wrong word...frustrated would be a better one.

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