Canon 60d as first DSLR???????

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Umm, not really, no...

All I will tell you is you can spend a lot of money on new lens and later find you won't need or use them. and selling them is a money losing deal. a camera body is easy to sell and not lose much but glass is a whole different thing.

That is dead wrong and completely opposite to what really happens. Camera bodies very rapidly depreciate, and you'll never get anywhere near what you paid for them. Lenses (particularly better ones) depreciate far slower and are a far better investment, particularly if you think you might upgrade it in the future.

Best to first determine what lenses and ranges work best by starting with kit lenses ( e.g. 18-55IS coupled with 55-250IS), then upgrade gradually as you figure out what your "sweet spot" ranges are. For example, if you tend to shoot longer, then you might prefer the 24-105L as an upgrade. Or, like me, if you shoot shorter most of the time, either the 15-85 or 17-55 would be excellent upgrades that you'll probably never need to replace. On the long end, moving to a 70-200 f/4L or even to the 70-300L might be a great choice as your budget becomes available and you're ready to move to something better.

Meanwhile, you can do very well starting with kit lenses... as long as you pick the right ones. I'm personally not a fan of the "superzooms", either the 18-135 or 18-200, but that's my own bias. You will pay for the longer zoom with a noticeable reduction in image quality, particularly at the extremes (long zoom, wide aperture).

To the OP's original question... I'd definitely start with the 60D if it's within your budget. You'll like the controls a lot better, and more likely the overall feel of the camera. I would probably not recommend buying an older xxD model, since the sensor and IQ is noticeably improved in the 60D.

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