On Judging a new camera (the DP2M)

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Crib Sheet part 2

One other thing. We also have people who reject the Sigma cameras because of limitations of the camera beyond IQ. These cameras do not have features that these people feel are necessary. Again, please, at the very least, let us know exactly what is the basis for your judgment, since many people do not feel the need for certain features that you do. And again, please avoid unqualified generalizations (one of my favorites is “no professional photographer would live with a camera that doesn’t have X,” when what they really should say is “I would not live. . .”).


Fortunately, we do not have the problem we faced when the SD1 was rolled out at a price that made it unlikely many people would be able to buy it. The DP2M is not cheap, but I do expect we shall be seeing enough pictures to begin to get a sense of what this camera can do in real life situations. And I do hope people give their judgments. But just remember that all judgments point in two directions: at whatever is being judged and at the person doing the judging. Try to make sure you pass the judgment people will make about you as you judge this camera (though the judgments made of people in this forum have, in many cases, been no more logically defensible then the judgments made about the cameras.)

You will be judged by your judgements.

One last note. I have been pleased to see the name-calling and the personal attacks diminish over the years. They serve no useful purpose and waste time, bandwidth, and patience.

No name-calling, please.

IMNSHO the initial images presented from the DP2M are, from what I see and using my standards for judging, encourging.

IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion


I just couldn't resist


I agree with you.


I had to split this, because of DPR's size limit for forum posts

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