Will a new D7000 focus right?

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Re: Will a new D7000 focus right?

spbStan wrote:

The problems reported in this forum were often user error, it is a more demanding camera than a D90 or 300 but higher performance also.
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The answer is maybe. I'm one of many that have reported focus issues with this camera, starting with the first day I purchased it almost 18 months ago. My camera had been back to Nikon twice for focus issues - each time they found something that had to be done to correct the issue. Finally, this weekend, it went completely off the rails. I ended up taking it back to my local camera shop, and we worked out a fair trade in value towards a brand new D7000 in the box. The tech

Before I brought it into the shop I had AF-Fine tuned my 3 most often used lenses (all Nikon) - 105 (+8), 85 (+17), and the 50MM couldn't be brought into focus at all. Prior to the camera going off the rails, I was at +7, +12, and +8 respectively, and still experiencing random softness issues - which now I'm thinking actually is not related to focus acquisition, but something loose inside the camera. But that's just conjecture.

The unit I traded it in for requires no adjustment whatsoever for any of my lenses. Autofocus is spot on.

And boy does that camera make nice looking images when it's spot on I can see why people who are not experiencing problems with their copies are so thrilled to be using this camera.

So, my only recommendation is that when you get the camera, test it out with a real focus target, and if there is any kind of adjustment required for Nikon lenses, send it back, and get another one. I certainly wished that I had done that 18 months ago.

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