Hoya Filters cheaper in Japan?

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Re: Hoya Filters cheaper in Japan?

Marcus Antonius wrote:

photonius wrote:

Yes, quite right. For a ND, you usually want to take a rather strong one - after all you have some flexibility with ISO, aperture and shutter speed, so a 2 stop ND is usually not that useful, and you get part of this already with a CPL that tends to be in your bag.

I only have CPL filters for other lenses i have, none for the TS-E yet.

Question then is do you want to get an expensive variable one, or just stick with a single (or 2) ND value filters.

I think when going for one filter, it has to be one useful in many cases. So probably a 4 stop filter would be logical?

I guess it depends what you want it for. For a 24mm I presume it will be mainly landscape with water. For that you can have very long exposures depending on the desired effect, so for daylight you could easily use a 6 or 8 stop filter.

Anyway, doesn't seem to be that easy to find 82mm filters, so you may have to look around what's actually available, and they are expensive.

The Hoya and Kenko ND digital pro 1 (which have a decent multicoat) seem reasonably priced at maxsaver.net, around 68$ for a 6 stop.

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