Nice DP2 Merrill shot (Flickr)

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You are perfectly right

the banding is a reality. Whether it is fatal or not is up to everyone but I think I have every right to judge this as fatal for me (exactly as I wrote) and I have made up my mind.

Fair enough.

I need smooth skies, the DP2M does not deliver that - so no DP2M for me.

This is where I think you are jumping to conclusions. There are some pictures floating around where one can see banding - but no reliable information is available about the processing at all. All we have are some JPEGs. I've actually seen enough DP2M pictures with smooth skies so far.

Other DP2M quirks that are probably true but not yet fully confirmed:

low battery life (only 100 pictures per battery)

Fully confirmed - the DP2M comes with 2 batteries and one batterie allows for roughly 100 shots. See the DP2M manual on Sigma Japan's site.

still slow writing times - although camera might be functional

Around 14 secs per RAW - there is a video on YouTube which shows an SD1 / DP2M comparison.

The DP (and to a certain part also the SD) series has always been quirky and even though it is a new series the probability that there will be others quirks is very high. So assuming that the DP2M is quirkless is quite optimistic.

I wouldn't call the DP2M quirky (but that's just me). The DP2M is pushing the limits. It requires two Dual II processors and it has to process roughly 45 MB of data per shot (in RAW mode). Hence the slow writing (processing) times and the load on the batteries. All this in a very small package.

The DP2M is that rare beast - a dedicated picture taking machine without bells and whistles.

I will get my DP2M this Friday - I might write about my experiences, but I'm afraid that that will only attract the usual banding (no offence) / aliasing / blown highlights / muddy shadows / high ISO / chromatic abberrations etc fetishists:

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