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Re: Which mirrorless did you get...or not?

i'd get

a) om-d
b) panasonic 14mm f2.5
c) olympus 45mm f1.8

a) higher ISO capabilities (than previous m4/3 generations of camera) diminishes the need for the previously mentioned, bright but slow-focusing panasonic 20mm f1.7 -- i think this lens is a little too slow AF-wise to nail fleeting cat poses; om-d is super fast; built-in viewfinder and tilt screen; nice bright punchy olympus colors.

b) f2.5 shouldn't be too dark on the om-d; 28mm-equivalent focal length is wide, will get the whole cat in the picture; fast AF; cheap, especially compared to the $800 olympus 12mm f2; super small.

c) excellent for head / face portraits; go-to lens for narrow DOF (blurred background); small, bright, fast and true.

+ either of the om-d kit zooms (14-42mm or 12-50mm) for travel, convenience. can't really go wrong with either. all lenses i've mentioned here should be good for video too.

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