RX 100 Grip, Richards Vs Flipbac

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Re: RX 100 Grip, Richards Vs Flipbac

I'll bet Richard's grip is better, after all his are custom designed, but I got the Flipbac. I like the Flipbac G1 for the RX100 and put it right on the edge of the curve so there is more room next to the lens. Works great for me. An added bonus is that the length of the Flipbac is exactly the same as from the bottom of the RX100 to the line that goes across the camera, so it looks like it was made to fit. The Flipbac is only $10 here in the states, which is about half the price of the other.

Nikguy wrote:

Thanks to all for the tips I like the neetness of Richards grip and want my rx100 to look and feel like what is added keeps it looking good. I think I will try the Richard F grip. Again thanks for your input I will look into all of the suggestions

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