Carbon Fibre tripod - advantages? disadvantages? Advice please...

Started Jul 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Carbon Fibre tripod - advantages? disadvantages? Advice please...

Just another message of thanks for all your comments.

I ended up buying a Manfrotto 190MF-4, found one secondhand in almost perfect condition, just a few small scratches.


It's very strong and sturdy. At 1.5kg, it's slightly heavier than I wanted but very compact, more so than the CF CXPRO models. Like those, it also has the ability to horizontally mount the centre column which will be ideal for making accurate stereo pair images for my experiments in 3D. It also has a spirit level built-in, a useful extra I haven't had before.

Admittedly with the MF-4 the switch to horizontal is not in one smooth movement like the CXPROs, but at only US$150 I thought the deal too good to miss.

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