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Re: Part of the aperture lever miscalibration is camera related

inasir1971 wrote:

Horshack, you've started the next big Nikon issue - as if the left AF thingy wasn't headache enough. Expect Nikon employee psychological issues to increase

hehe, I hope not. One thing to keep in mind is the light loss at the sensor at ultra-wide apertures. Not sure if you read the DxoMark article a while back but they found that with higher density sensors much of the extra light from f/2 to f/1.4 is reflected off the sensor due to the angle of incidence of light from that wide aperture and current micro-lens designs on the sensor. Here's the article:

As the article states, the cameras silently hide this phenomena by boosting the ISO without reporting it. That way the brightness is the same in the image even though it produces more noise. That way they can keep selling those expensive f/1.4 lenses ;-). Anyway, I suspect they might not be adjusting for this in Live View, so your method of checking the brightness between apertures may not be ideal, at least when shifting between f/1.4 and f/2.

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