Need DSLR lens advice

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Need DSLR lens advice

I have 4 lenses:

  • 18-270mm superzoom

  • 11(?)mm ultra wide angle

  • 10(?)mm fisheye

  • 90mm Macro

If the 270mm took clean shots, I'd be satisfied with it, but I take far fewer "keepers" with that lens than any of the others, due to camera shake (which, I suppose is par for the course beyond 200mm). However, if I can only take one lens, this is the one I take.

The wide angle takes clean shots but you have to be pretty close to the subject to get that, and then you end up with some stretching on the outside of the image.

The fisheye has been a waste of money so far.

The macro takes the cleanest shots, by far. But being fixed at 90mm limits its use drastically.

When I do shoots, I bring them all and change the lenses out constantly, but I'm looking for something a little more versatile. What lens am I missing?

Flat view
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