Photography course for a GXR user?

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Re: Photography course for a GXR user?

Don, Thanks for responding, here are the answers to your questions.

PGR streetshooter wrote:

Ok, here's a few questions before you can seek a real answer.
1- What is your knowledge of photography?

I read a lot about photography and would like to think I understand the basics of composition, exposure and lighting, at least in theory.

2- What is your knowledge about your cameras?

I have read the manuals, know the different settings well enough I think. Using the external Ricoh flash I'm pretty terrible.

3- What is your intent with your relationship in photography?

Photography is something I've always been interested in and now finally I have some time to spend on it.

3a- Are you interested in a creative outlet or a business of some kind?

Just to be creative and have fun, at least for now I have no intention of making money.

4- Where are you located and do you have Skype?

I'm in the Washington DC area and yes I have Skype.

Thanks again,

I ask because I screen people for my workshops. I don't like to waste anyones time and I do them for free for the last 10 years. So, time and energy are very important for all concerned.

I might be able to make a few suggestions after you provide the answers to the above questions.
Cheers, Don

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