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Aperture 'slack' - not isolated

Horshack, thanks for linking to your post - I will repeat the link to your post since you've done the f2.8 tests.

The aperture slack problem is present on mine as well but to a lesser degree.

CHECKING: An easier way to test for this is to switch your camera to 'M' mode and engage liveview. Rotate the aperture dial and look for any changes in the liveview brightness - there should be. If you want to narow down the amount - do it with 1/3 stops, and 1/2 stops and see where it changes.

Using this methodology my copy is off by somewhere between 0.5 to 0.67 stops - so the problem you report is not isolated.

These lenses are available in very limited quantities - so I think I'll just keep mine and make a mental note. In practice this isn't going to affect anything for me as I shoot either wide open in low light where it will meter accurately or stopped down to f8.

Very happily, my AF needed fine tuning but is ok across the zoom range. And the VR does function - but should be switched off for shutter speeds faster than 1/50 as VR seems to degrade IQ then. For low light, I just love this VR.

Btw, I suspect that this lens draws a lot of power - both for the VR and the focusing (suspect large mechanism). If youpoint your camera vertically and focus it actually sounds like heavy machinery in action. Do I care - no.

Rant (please ignore): What the %^&#ing %^&# is going on with these mo#$%@ @@$%ing a$$%%%%s. It's not just Nikon QA that has gone to pot, it's all of them. What are we supposed to do just hunt around and accept the less defective one? Some of us live in countries without return policies.

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