2 Shots with Samyang 85/1.4

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Re: Don't rely on your eyes...

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These two certainly came out rather well indeed. I personally can't rely on my eye sight for MF. First it ain't all that good to begin with, and then, there's the calibration issue with the viewfinder focusing screen. So unless you know for sure that your focusing screen is well calibrated forget MF by eye sight. I always rely on focus confirmation in AF mode, and often use the focus trap method, i.e. shoot in AF mode, hold the shutter button while slowly focussing, the shutter won't fire until the image is in focus. Unfortunately, that method only works with central spot focusing; I wish Pentax made that work with select AF points to alleviate the need to re-frame (I shoot K10D, may be different on K-5).

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Hi, Roger! I used a Tempa 1.36 magnifier and a splitscreen, but was/is still frustrated when I found most of the shots were out of focus with the MF lenses, though I was sure they were in focus when looking into the viewfinder. You're right, it is very unreliable. Maybe there's something wrong with the splitscreen that replaced the original, or I should calibrate it. But the problem is I don't know how to do the calibration. Could it be done by myself or should I send it to Pentax for this purpose?

I have the same dream like yours that focus trap be also possible for selected AF points; sorry to tell you that K5 is the same as K10, such a function is not there.
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To calibrate the focusing screen can be simply done by yourself. It's just a matter of getting a set of calibration shims from Pentax, (I understand they come as a set of different thicknesses) and simply inserting one in between the prism and the focusing screen. I have seen a thread past that had photos showing how to do that, seemed pretty simple thought I never done it myself.

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