D7000 Lens Suggestion

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Re: D7000 Lens Suggestion

Because you are using a crop camera, if portrait type of work or indoors is in your future, than I would look to the sigma 17-50 OS. On a D7000 it is incredible--great bokeh, OS works great in stills and video, and the range is great for landscapes and gives you an effective 75mm portrait length on the tele end. Sharpness is incredible in the center at 2.8, and the edges clear up when stopping down. I tried the 16-85 but the bokeh was too nervous for portrait work, and the slowness was too much for anything but landscape work. VR is no better than sigma's.

Tamron 17-50 is another great one if you don't need the VC for video, that will save you some $$$.

Stick to the 2.8 aperture on crop cameras if you can afford it. The smaller sensor already limits the DOF control, and if you stick to smaller aperture lenses then you will be missing a great asset of a DSLR.

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