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Ahhh, the copout

MouraPhoto wrote:

OK, you're becoming a bit too unpleasant, and for no reason.

Insinuations, refusal to admit to making a mistake, and multiple little jibes at me in two threads. Not to mention the assumptions, premature conclusions, and so on. Yeah, no reason huhh.

The "unpleasantness" didn't start at my end. I guess two can't play that game?

I think you're just getting frustrated by not being able to "win" your argument

"Winning" isn't the same as "defending", and I feel very fine thank you with my defense.

I'm more than happy to cede the win to you. I think you're dying to get it so here you go then. You win.

and kind of shows you're just looking for a fight. But not with me my friend. Several times during this whole thread(s) you remind me of this piece:

Seen it before. A good giggle indeed.

Why do you think I'm after a fight? Here I am, pointing out a few of your very obvious errors (and frankly I don't feel like being Mr. Nice Guy about it anymore because you seem to pounce on that like a hawk) and you absolutely refuse to consider that maybe you made one or two mistakes (newsflash: you made one or two glaring mistakes and can't bring yourself to acknowledging them).

Just relax, and enjoy your (and others) photography. Have a good evening!

To you as well, although I have to say you certainly enjoy dishing it out but running off once it gets dished back. At least I stuck around and defended myself (against a few yahoos simultaneously, while here you are facing just lil ol' me). Did you think I was too weak with english to be able to spot your written inconsistencies/contradictions?

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~ Martin

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