My first wedding

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OK; so you are going to shoot the wedding.

Make sure you know your camera inside and out, nothing worse than hitting some menu item by mistake and then while their coming down the aisle trying to figure out why the flash isn't working or we are stuck on 20 second exposure, it happens at the worst of times. Make sure you have a schedule with the bride and then leave yourself some extra time, for some reason Grandmas always seen to get caught up in family they haven't talked to in 20 years. Pre plan a place for a really good couples portrait, if you can get there a few days before and plan the lighting. Once you have been doing weddings for a while you know your spots in a city but a little pre planning won't hurt. If you get one good portrait they love, it will be on the wall for 20 years and will be their memory for the day. All of the other shots will just be fluff. Look at some wedding photo sites and figure out how to get that one shot. I also ask the bride to give me one family member who can help me get the family together, someone who knows everyone, I don't know her favorite uncle from the church caretaker, and Brides aren't ussually much help and grooms even less. Don't carry too much gear, nothing worse than having to run down the church steps in front of the couple with 20 pounds of gear sliding off your shoulder, and the alternative is to leave your camera bag open somewhere for a bunch of strangers to admire. I have lost more than one lense to wedding guests.

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