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I purchased an OM-D while I was spending time in our Tokyo office in April/May. Unbeknownst to me (until some dust crept into the viewfinder somehow) there were two specs on the sensor. By then I'd come back to the UK and had purchased as second OM-D. When I checked it it ALSO had sensor dust in pretty much the same location. I managed to shake/tap it (gently) out of the new one but not the April Japan-purchased camera. I've tried the Arctic butterfly and sensor swabs on my Japan camera with no success whatsoever. It has an international warranty so I will be sending it to Olympus if I can find where to send it to. I am also experiencing focusing problems with a recently purchased Panasonic LX5 and the Panasonic websites are pretty vague as to what I should do, which is quite frustrating. Now I'm going to try to find the equivalent information for Olympus. Where do I send it? Who do I talk to or email here in the UK? I don't care much for the LX-5 but I feel it's only right they fix it, but the OM-D's have made me very happy until I found the peaky dust ...

I include a shot of the nasty spot viewed using a loupe, courtesy of the other OM-D. √
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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