Please advise on what cameras might be best?

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Re: Please advise on what cameras might be best?

seraiah wrote:

I've searched until my eyes bleed, but there's so much information that I decided to post before I give up entirely.

I'm on a budget, looking to dabble in local art shows, and I'm hoping to find one camera that can take care of a range of needs.

Main concern: great image quality, for extreme cropping and/or 8x10 (and up, hopefully) enlargements.

What kind of budget do you have for a new camera ?

I take a lot of macro shots, and I've been reading up on sensors, focal length, dof, apertures, etc., etc., but still not sure: is a dslr absolutely necessary? I also travel some, and would like something a bit more portable/unobtrusive. Been looking at mirrorless, but not sure how they fare with macro?

What camera are you using at the moment ? And what is lacking about your current photos that is leading you to think of getting a new camera ?

Would I be better off with a superzoom with a large-ish sensor? I gather that the shots wouldn't be TRUE macro (?), but as long as the prints are high quality, I don't care what I have to do to get them.

We need to know a LOT more about the subject's you'll be shooting, and the lighting conditions you'll be shooting in. What size is the smallest subject you want to fill a photo with ?

I'd be shooting through aquarium glass a lot, if that matters.

Yes, it matters. It will restrict how close you can get to the subjects. It will also cause problems with reflections and loss of contrast, and make lighting more difficult.

Some other questions that may be relevant - is there space and time where you're shooting to set up a tripod ? How about lighting stands ? Are you allowed to use flash ?

I'll say up front that I only have macro experience with DSLRs, but a lot of the same principles apply to the interchangeable lens compact cameras, so the answers to these questions will be useful to those with experience of that class of camera.

Posting some sample photos of the subjects you've taken with your current camera would also be helpful to give people an better idea of what you're after.

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