RX 100 Grip, Richards Vs Flipbac

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Re: RX 100 Grip, Richards Vs Flipbac

None of the Flipbaks have enough clearance between the hump and the lens. They look nice but you won't be able to fit your fingertips between the lens and grip unless you do some trimming to reposition. The franic grip is a custom fit but the surface is smooth an less "grippy" than rubber. Other options are "egrip" which works well without adding a hump on the front or "Sugru" which will allow you to custom mold the shape you want. If you use Sugru, mask around the area you want with tape which you can remove after the silicone is hard. The Sugru hardens smooth and somewhat slippery but if you have the impression of a couple finger or concave shape then it will work well.



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