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Re: As the host of the series...

OK, you're becoming a bit too unpleasant, and for no reason. I think you're just getting frustrated by not being able to "win" your argument, and kind of shows you're just looking for a fight. But not with me my friend. Several times during this whole thread(s) you remind me of this piece:

Just relax, and enjoy your (and others) photography. Have a good evening!

mschf wrote:

MouraPhoto wrote:

Just like you cannot post messages with more than 6000 words, but with some fancy editing mschf can. This is software programming, with the right code and the right privileges, you can do anything. And the description of that challenge was changed after the voting was finished. Maybe some tech savy member can help retrieve an older version of that page from some cache? (I could go a learn it, but really can't be bothered )

Are you sure you're paid to make sense of written text?

"fancy editing": trim off some parts of quoted text, as I mentioned already, but seems you havan't understood (or maybe you're just wanting to smell something "fishy" again (btw I am a programmer so there's your opening for next accusing me of hacking the DPR forums)). By trimming, you might be able to fit your post under 6000 chars. An alternative (if you were to apply some further logic to the problem), would be to split your post into two or more parts.

Oh, and I'll re-quote something:

Just like you cannot post messages with more than 6000 words, but with some fancy editing mschf can

I'm seriously starting to question your ability to comprehend.

1) I NEVER stated I can post more than 6000 "words", in fact we were talking about "characters", right? Right!

Now that we've settled on "characters":

2) I NEVER said I can post more than 6000 characters either

English can be a tricky thing, but c'mon, this is pretty elementary.

For your convenience:

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