Would it be dumb to buy a 7D now ???

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Re: Would it be dumb to buy a 7D now ???

TTMartin, you're certainly right to point out this change in the 1D series, but that line has had both full-frame and 1.3x crop frame bodies in it since 2002. (See the cool timeline on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_EOS-1D_X ) So is the 1D X a continuation of the 1D or the 1Ds series? From Wikipedia, it continues in the full-frame 1Ds series. I won't argue it either way.

To me, the real issue is EF versus EF-S lenses. If you commit to Canon crop EF-S lenses, the issue is whether or not you'll be stuck with lenses that won't work on a full-frame camera body. That's a problem if you or Canon decide to move away from 1.6x crop bodies. Looking at the Wikipedia Canon body timeline, I see more 1.6x crop bodies over time, not fewer.

Now some people need the imaging ability of full-frame sensors. I do not. My crop bodes deliver all that I need in that regard.

The big upgrade that I see for the Canon 7D is the addition of the new 18Mpixel sensor with built-in focusing points introduced in the t4i. That's got to be coming to the successors to the 7D and the 60D because that's too useful a feature to leave to the low end of the line. However, if you don't care about video, then it's not much of a benefit.

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