1DX should I buy it, or stick with my 5DMK3

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Re: 1DX should I buy it, or stick with my 5DMK3

I've got both and kept both, I try and use the 1Dx as much as possible, both are great.

Image quality is good on both, but I find that i can do slightly more to the images from the 1Dx, the build and the focusing is brilliant too.

You can't go wrong with either.

Guy 2 wrote:

This may appear to be a silly question, but, as the 1dx is now becoming available, should I buy one or stick with my 5dmk3..? I shoot all manner of stuff, and I like good image quality. I am locked into canon at the moment due to the amount of lenses I have.

Is the image quality going to improve, I was hoping there may be a few folk out there who have made this move already..?

I was in the same dillema when using my old IDSMK2 (for sale if you know anyone looking for one) I baught a 5dmk2 and mostly stopped using the the 1dsmk2 as I liked the smaller body of the 5dmk2, I like the smaller body of the 5dmk3 too,,

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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