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dherzstein wrote:

I recently bought and installed LR3 (at $70 I couldn't pass it up). I really like its ability to process RAW files; highlight recovery, bringing up the blacks, fill light, etc.

What bothers me is LR's insistence to "import", "export" and "catalogue" the image files. I would like to simply find and open a RAW file and then convert it to a TIF or JPG. Is there a simple way to do this?

I just don't understand the problem ...

I prefer to use CS6 myself - with the very many excellent Plug-ins added over the years and which I find so good..but I do have LR 3.4.1 and occasionally make use of it..

But whilst the teminology is a bit frustrating, just think of "Import" as equal to "Open"..and "Export" as equivalent to "Save As" .. and thats THAT solved.

But to just simply Open (or Import..) a solitary pic, al you need to do is click on top Menu-File and click 'Import Photos" in the will automatically put the program in Library mode with a WinExplorer type listing on the left. just click on the particular Folder you need to..then on the individual file in that folder , that you want to use in will simply open the ONE file..usually as a thumb-pic at the bottom screen, and if it doiesn't auto open it more fully in the main central bigger show area, just a click on the thumbnail should open it to the bigger size and then of course you go to "Develop" screen and do what you want ..after which you can 'Export' the pic with edits as you are probably well aware of.

IF at any time you finish up with a pic or more than one pic at the bottom of the opening screen - as thumbnails, just do a RIGHT-click on any you don't want to have there , and then click on will ask if you want to COMPLETELY remove from your Disk (usually NO of course.. otherwise you just click on 'Remove' and it it just takes it out of LR

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