NEX 5N out to Yosemite, Need Advice!

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Re: NEX 5N out to Yosemite, Need Advice!

Yosemite is a wonderful place to go play with a camera. That's where Ansel Adams developed his skills. You'll be walking in the footsteps of the really great photographers- they've all been there.

Don't miss the Awahnee Hotel which is open to all visitors. You'll find some great shots up toward the valley walls thru the windows there. And a group tour with a ranger is a good idea too so you can learn about the valley & the park. Some tours cater to photographers. Ask a ranger. And don't miss the upper valley.

Yeah, there's lots of sun depending on where you are. Especially on some of the trails up to the falls. There's also lots of shade... the trees are very tall so the light is indirect in the forested areas with dark green & brown emphasis. You may find good use for a bright lens like the 50/1.8, especially if you're camping.

Forget what you imagine others are thinking... get the optional EVF. You'll find you use it most of the time!

If you want to use DOF to isolate your subject, you need to use A(perture priority) mode, i.e. you set the widest aperture you can and let the camera takes care of shutter speed and ISO. Also try the Portrait Scene setting which will make the best of the aperture range of the lens to isolate your subject. Exposure Compensation is your friend... get a handle on that control. In reality, though, you need a very bright lens to get the strongest effect (another vote for the 50/1.8).

I'm inclined toward longer lenses, so I'd bring my 18-200mm + 50/1.8 and leave the rest at home. But I have to agree with others that the 18-55mm is a great lens which will serve you well in Yosemite. It's a function of your own preference in composition.

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