I've learned to love the 14-42mm II

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Re: I understand how you feel.....but

I have to agree here. The 12-50 is sharper and more versatile than the 14-42 II in every way except for size.

The 14-42 II is the last choice standard zoom for µ4/3, by almost any standard... but still is very good in that it collapses and covers a usable range. Even the first generation, (I have both) is sharper at every focal length than the 14-42 II. The second generation is faster to focus, than the first gen., on the newer cameras and it does video better. But here the 12-50 is still a better choice.

If you're getting the E-M5, any other standard lens, other than the 12-50 or the 12-35, won't have water resistance... another plus for the 12-50.

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