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Re: As the host of the series...

MouraPhoto wrote:

Thanks for that, though that's not exactly what I was looking for, as it only records one specific moment in time depending on google's indexing frequency. Still, it shows that in the early stages of voting, the description was no different from what is there now, but that the hosts were different (there's one extra there now), so showing that there were changes made. I'm quite happy with it though, so that closes the case on this issue. Thanks again for the help.

FFS!... while you can finally accept that the description and rules indeed never, ever changed, you still have to keep finding something "fishy" about the whole thing. The list of hosts/cohosts is a totally separate thing from configuring a challenge and its rules etc. Martin O. added me as a cohost, which does not automatically alter any part of the challenge at all other than to list who the hosts are. I never even noticed that I was suddenly a cohost in this series.

And you still only are happy that the rules have been exactly the same from the point of voting onwards, while Raptor explained to you that nothing can be edited once the first image is submitted (long before voting starts).

Nothing was changed, get over it. Your suspicions, assumptions, were wrong. It'd be nice if you stated as much but instead you go into a "but this" or "but that" or just go on digging for the next "fishy" thing.

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