Big Mistake by Fuji: Firmware Update Ignored Focus Ring Problem. I Gonna Ditch X100

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AF speed compare to M 4/3

Those earlier Olympus cameras (E-P1/E-P2/E-PL1/E-PL2) were no speed demons, especially with slower AF lenses...

To me, it seems like the x100 is in between the optimal M 4/3 body/lens combos, and the slowest combos (say E-PL1 with non-MSC kit zoom.) Someone else said the x100 was comparable to a G2 with the 20mm (slower AF lens), in general that seems about right to me but maybe I'm off on this one.

The EPL2 with its non-MSC kit zoom is pretty slow, did you test side-by-side against the x100? Not disputing, just asking-

ViewOnBlack wrote:

nope, not even close. the GF1, EPL1, EPL2 and the G2 (those I could test here) are AF speed daemons compared to the X100 - especially in low(er) light. the EPL2 with the kit lens is the clear winner here - by far. not even a contest.

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