Advice on portrait lens needed - 85/1.8 or 70-200/2.8 ?

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Re: Get the 70-200/2.8 first (samples)

Currently I´m using D700. I used to have 85/1.8, sold it and got the 70-200 VR II.

Well, like the others have suggested, it all totally depends on your style of (indended) shooting. Personally I can imagine I would love and live with both the new 85mm/1.4 and the 70-200. Finally it always comes down to great FLEXIBILITY and FOCUS SPEED incl. tracking vs. LIGHT, SMALL BULK and even SHALLOWER DOF (with the same field of view). You must decide yourself what sacrifices you are willing to make...

There is no need to tell you that both are excellent optically from what I´ve seen and as everybody is saying anyway. Because I´m 35 now and still have enough strength (everything is relative, though , I have decided to get the 70-200. No real regrets so far, yes, it meets all I expected. Reading your post, I believe the 70-200 would do better for you and certainly is the more convenient lens to start with (than the 85) if you can have just one of the two.

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