Ken Rockwell...EOS M world's first serious mirrorless.

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Re: If Canon ever creates a full-frame LEICA M body

I would say that L mount makes more sense for mirror-Less. Also EOS L mount label would have some touch of well known Canon heritage.

Whatever the reason was it is very confusing for customers now. You can try it out just go to B&H and type M lens in the search entry. I can hardly believe Canon guys never heard about M mount before.

Despite mount labeling ambiguity I liked the look of new Canon EOS M a lot and that it is coming with f2.0 fix-focal kit lens. Would prefer 45-50mm in terms of FF but 35mm is OK. Nice new system that I am planing get into.

Hopefully Canon come up with more fix-focal lenses in EOS M later on.

thedips wrote:

I'm pretty sure that canon branding the Eos-M has almost nothing to do with the Leica M designation. But instead to simply imply that it is "Mirrorless". Nothing design wise really suggests that canon had the Leica M series in mind as a direct competitor

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