D800 DIY wireless, fast, reliable, $39 - Last Chance

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D800 DIY wireless, fast, reliable, $39 - Last Chance

If you'd like a wireless image transfer and control to a Windows-based computer, laptop or tablet that is very fast, reliable and doesn't even require WiFi network connectivity, now might be you last opportunity. The wireless USB 2 transmitter/receiver I've been using for the past few years from Cables Unlimited have been MIA - the company that made it went bankrupt and seems the end of the line for that product with no other sources. The company below seems to have bought up the remaining stock at fire sale prices ($28.89 USD):


Basically you toss the AC adapter that connect transmitter and replace it with one of these cute little battery powered DC power adapters for $6.50 USD (exact model required due the the needed matching power adapter end - its a tight fit but you can use something small to widen it ever so slightly if necessary):


Once you get the transmitter/receiver pair, install the software driver, plug both of them into USB ports in to the same computer (that pairs them up on the same channel), then attach the transmitter to the USB 3.0 input on the D800 using a short USB 3 cable like this one for $3.19 USD:


You can then shoot unteathered direct from the D800 (or any other Camera with a USB port) and it sends the images straight to the desktop, tower, laptop or tablet hard drive very fast (480Mbps - about 3-4 times faster than 802.11n with no WiFi network needed and virtually no waiting to connect or drops. Works up to 30 foot distance at full speed.

If you have/get Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 you can fully remote control the camera and images can display part or full screen after each shot.

I buried my transmitter and battery pack inside a nice handle mount flash - I just sawed off the flash head of an old Sunpak 511 flash (broken ones available on eBay for $10 USD - the 511 is good because it had the screw off battery holder in base which is where you can stuff the transmitter). The now headless flash handle and its sturdy bracket also doubles as the perfect handle for carrying the entire camera around all day and can be used with or without add on battery grips.

So, for $40-$50 you get a reliable, high speed, network free wireless solution (Nikon CCP 2 extra) that is much faster and convenient than the $800 + Nikon solution for the D4 when used at short distances.

I used this with my D300 for a long time and works great with my new D800 (with the D300 I had to put the USB in MTP mode). In the studio the receiver is connected to my studio tower; in the field I connect it to my ASUS EP-121 Windows tablet or Thinkpad laptop. Works GREAT!

Get those that USB solution now while you still can - once they are sold out I don't ever expect to see then again anytime soon.


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