lens adapter to use KM 85 1.4 lens on K5

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Re: lens adapter to use KM 85 1.4 lens on K5

I think brother Gerry is being a bit naughty here if he is suggesting the images above somehow illustrate that there are some very dodgy optical adjusting adapters out there and therefore beware.

The two shots were part of a preliminary shoot I did to try to work out some sort of technique to examine the way that an optical converter would affect IQ of M42s on my Nikons. All that these two beauties proved to me was that they proved nothing useful in the real world and that it was a time-consuming waste of energy. I suppose the best way to sum it up is that it is a very unfair test of an adapter designed to bring objects at infinity into focus to stick it on a macro lens (actually a Tamron Adaptall SP 90/2.5 + extension tube, not "some sort of Pentax lens") and point it at a target about three inches away.

As I couldn't think of a way to test long distance shotst using the same lens both with and without an optical adapter I stopped trying, and decided just to let the results speak for themselves.

I used the same adapter (Kood glass, one of the better ones) for all the shots in this Pbase gallery - the latest taken just a little while ago, Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 105/2.8 at ISO 800 and f/8. No comparisons, no "proof", no measurables, but probably a fair enough help to someone wondering just how awful these optical adjusters can be.


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