TG-1 is a sales failure

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Re: TG-1 is a sales failure

I think for the target market, it priced a bit high ...and I do own a ts-20 and for $130.00 ...probably one of the funnest and relatively best values on the market for compacts.

I think the biggest single affecting variable in that comparison is the price. Coming from Nikon SLR's and picking up the ts20 ...I actually do have second thoughts about spending that much on the TG1 when for 130 bucks I am totally happy with the ts20 ...lets face it, these things aren't made with IQ as a first priority, yet the TG1 is priced like it is.

Jefftan wrote:

It is no where near the top seller list of amazon

just check for waterproof camera the best seller is the cheap panasonic TS20 at number 2
that one only $130

nikon Aw100 in number 17

canon d20 at 19

Panasonic TS4 at 37

Olympus tough 8010 at 61

Olympus TG-1 at 103

It confirm the belief that waterproof camera buyers are not willing to pay for quality. This failure will most likely mean a dream of a large sensor waterproof camera will never be fulfuilled

The market has spoke. They are not even willing to paid $370 for TG-1

The only hope of getting a great waterproof camera is to put an XZ-1 or RX100 in a dicapac bag
but can I really trust that bag?

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