Wow!... Check "In Motion" challenge!

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RaptorUK wrote:

whisky wrote:

RaptorUK wrote:

whisky wrote:

I personally don't like the principle of voting entrants.

Not even if all Entrants voted fairly ?

Sadly I don't think this will ever happen

But if it did . . . would you still have an objection ?

In an ideal world, no, this would not be an issue, but because of the subjective nature of each individuals judgement of what constitutes a noteworthy image photographically and perhaps artistically, I cannot see this ever working when entrants are allowed to vote in their own Challenges.

There is no point in entering if you do not think your entry relevant for the Challenge. However to vote in this same Challenge, you are hardly likely to vote down your own entry by giving other well deserving entries higher votes than you might expect your own entry to reasonably receive and this in spite of not being directly able to vote on your own entry. Honesty and 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you', does not appear to be a concept much shared.

It can also happen that a voter is perfectly and honestly entitled to cast a low vote for an entry which they honestly, in their own opinion, considered was poor or did not satisfy the Challenge rules and not because they wished to sabotage that particular entry. It is all so subjective but the regular occurrence of sub average vote scores on winning or highly placed entries is probably rather obvious sandbagging.

I haven't a clue on how this sad situation will ever be resolved and entrants enjoy taking part in Challenges without having their honest entries sabotaged.


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