Pro Cycling with A77

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Re: Pro Cycling with A77

Michael Fritzen wrote:

Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering how face detection AF would work under such shooting circumstances especially when changing constantly from H to P orientation. The disadvantage of selecting a specific AF point or array is that is has to be changed when twisting from H to P and back. Perhaps face detection could do the trick though (if it's fast and precise enough).
Michael Fritzen

Indeed, I changed from H to P several times at the very last moment as I decided I wanted a different picture from what I had originally in mind. For instance when you expect a peloton to come around the corner and only one rider appears.

Center focus would then be safer, although then with a single rider you cannot focus on the face, but you would focus on the bike which has a smaller focussing area.

I'm not sure if face detection would work:

In a peloton there are a lot of faces to detect, and also with the sunglasses and the helmets and the fact that the cyclists often look down a bit I think it's a difficult job for the camera.
But sure worth a try!

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