NEX 5N out to Yosemite, Need Advice!

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Re: NEX 5N out to Yosemite, Need Advice!

My wife and I are currently on a US tour and were in Yosemite a few days ago. The thing that struck me photographically is that everything is so immense in scale you find yourself needing wide focal lengths more than telephotos. Looking back through the shots I only have a few taken at 70mm and most at around 26-30mm. Whilst focal length choice is personal and style dependant I do feel concentrating on the shorter end will give more bang for the buck.

Getting the exposure and white balance correct will likely get you more keepers than more lenses at this point. As a tip keep your contrast and saturation settings turned down as this will give far more editable files under what are generally very contrasty conditions due to bright highlights on rockfaces and deep shadows in foliage.

You may need to manually set the DRO to a higher level as the auto is somewhat conservative, and don't hesitate to use the HDR function if needed, so long as you hold fairly steady it works a treat.

The kit lens is actually not that bad if used within limits and really quite good in the 22-30mm range, I expect for this type of photography it will be fine for your needs. You can check my website if you like for some specific information on how to maximise the use of this lens and other nex stuff. It is in the July blogs.

Enjoy Yosemite it is truly awesome and a delight for all photographers.
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