D700 Telephoto for Motorsport?

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Re: D700 Telephoto for Motorsport?
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Thanks all, plenty of food for thought there...

Sorry for the delay in getting back, but I've been out and shooting the last 2 weekends, and generally running around with the pants on fire otherwise!

Right. I currently have a 70-300 ED on as a 'costs nothing to try' option for now. It cost a massive £100, I should get most of that back when I want to move upmarket.

So. Thanks for the tips on weatherproofing on Nikon. I was at spa in Belgium, for the 24 hour race this weekend just gone. 2 hours after the start we had a thunderstorm, and the D700 hid in my coat, while the E-1 with 50-200 got drenched, yet again. I KNOW that can take that treatment!

I'm mostly trackside, rarely do car-car stuff, though I MAY get a rig for remote shots at some point. But I DO use wide-ultra wide for close up pans, and I LIKE the blur you get...

I guess I seek out a Sigma 120-300 to move upwards, pending the 200-400 at some point, as that is where I think I will need to go. One of the guys I know often uses a 700 with a 500 f4, but I'm getting to OLD to carry that sort of gear all day!

Thanks all.

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