What card to buy?

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Re: What card to buy?

yudhir wrote:

EvilOne wrote:

What I am refering too is the ability to clear the buffer....If you shoot RAW + JPEG, the buffer fills quickly, the difference between clearing a full buffer At 45MB/sis about 29 seconds until the camera is ready to shoot again, a 95mb/s card clears the buffer in 9 seconds. AS far as read and write speed, any class 10 will work.. its the cards ability to clear the buffer that is importantt o those shooting at 10 to 12 FPS.

If you dont shoot a fast frame rates then any class ten works just fine. IM a sports shooter and shoot at 12 FPS and can get about 17 shots off before the buffer is fillled in my A77.
Bill aka EO

But The no of shots will depend on the buffer size..no matter what speed right?. Anyways There will be some gap between when buffer is emptied which can be lowered by using fast cards Am i right?

Yes you are right, to a point though. The speed at which the camera can write to the card is the bottleneck. Like I said in another post on my A580 thats about 15mbps(so faster cards are useless to me). On the newer bodies it may be a lot faster, but I'm not sure if its as Fast as EvilOne's A77, so over 45mb may not make a difference.

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